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Entertainment is one of the top 3 categories we recommend you allocate your money to. If your guests are bored, they're most likely going to head out early but if you have someone that can keep the energy high and keep the party going, you'll have guests staying all night long!

On your timeline, we'll have your formality songs listed next to it.
Here is a list of the songs we'll need from you. 

Processional Songs
Of course, we'll need a song for the bride to walk down to, we'll also need a song for everyone else. We can have one song for parents, grandparents, and everyone in your wedding party or we can have two different songs. This will depend on how many people you have walking down before you.

Unity Ceremony
If you're having a unity ceremony, think about the music that will be played in the background, Do you want a song with lyrics or do you want an instrumental song where the officiant can explain the symbolism behind the unity ceremony and what you're doing?

This is the song that will play after the officiant pronounces you husband and wife and you walk up the aisle together. 

Grand Entrance
You can decide if you want your wedding party to enter before the two of you or if you want them seated. Depending on the size of your wed
ding party, you may need to choose one song for them and one song for the two of you. Another really fun surprise for guests is to have each pair or group come into their song. 

First Dance
What song has a special meaning to you? 

Cake Cutting
Think of something sweet and upbeat!

Parent Dances
If you'll have more than 2 parent dances, it might be a good idea to fade each song after the 2-minute mark. 

Anniversary Dance
Pick 2 songs for this one. A current song and one the older guests will enjoy! 

Bouquet Toss
If you won't have many single ladies, you can skip this formality.

Garter Toss
This is a personal choice and not something you HAVE to do. 

Song to open the dance floor to
If you aren't sure what song you want to play, you can leave this up to the DJ or band!

Last dance with all guests
It's the last song before everyone leaves for the night. Think of a song that everyone can sing along to!

Private last dance
Just like your first dance, think of another meaningful song.

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Sound Decisions Entertainment
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Monster BeatZ DJ's
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Amplified Digital Entertainment
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