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You might be thinking to yourself, I don't need a wedding planner, I've already planned everything. We get that! We aren't just planners, we're coordinators too! We work alongside you and your partner to create an incredible wedding that your guests will never forget. Whether you want us there to help you plan every detail or you just need someone to pull it together and be there on the day of your wedding, you can count on us to make it happen!

1. What exactly do you do as a coordinator?

Great question! As a coordinator, it's our job to stay in touch with your vendors to answer any questions they have, confirm your order, and inform them of any updates. We also help you pick out the linens, napkins, decor, centerpieces, you name it! Once we get closer to the wedding date, we'll work together on building a personalized timeline for the wedding day. Everything from the start of hair and makeup to the last dance will be listed so you, your family, and your vendor team know what is happening and when. 

2. Our venue already has a coordinator, what makes you different?

Your venue coordinator is there for the building you're hosting your wedding at. They are the ones to call upon to make sure the tables and chairs are set up how you requested, the fix clogged toilets, and other building issues. Glamorous Weddings takes care of everything else. Your venue coordinator isn't going to be placing linens (unless you've paid them to do it), they won't be setting up any ceremony decor (unless you've paid to rent it from them), and they won't be packing things up after the wedding. We are on-site for up 14 hours on the day of your wedding to ensure that everything is set up the way you envisioned it. 

3. Our DJ told us they coordinate the reception, so why do we need you?

We hear this a lot! While it might seem like a great idea for your DJ to also be your "coordinator", simply put, they can't be. While they're doing their job of keeping your guests entertained and playing music, how can they also do behind the scene things like making sure the caterer doesn't cut the top tier of your cake, bustle your dress because it came undone from earlier, or check on your immediate family members to make sure they're taken care of? Together, Glamorous Weddings works with your vendors as a team to ensure everything is being done the way you want. Will your DJ arrive on the morning of your wedding to set up? Will they stay until the very end and pack up not only their equipment but also your decor and personal items? Will they know who to call if another vendor doesn't show up? 

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